Feb Sweepstakes Winner Video Transcript

Title: Red Robin Cares_JanFeb

Title Image: Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group, Red Robin Celebrating our 25th Anniversary!

Transition to Motion Text: Meet our Red Robin Cares $1,000 Sweepstakes Winner!

Janet Slovak, Red Robin Guest Winner for Feb:  Hello. My name is Janet and I am the Red Robin Cares winner. [text image pops up saying: Special Guest: Janet Slovak]

Transition to Motion Text: She won $1,000 for herself… (transition to group image of Janet holding an oversized $1,000 check with Red Robin team members, inside the restaurant)

Transition to Motion Text: And $1,000 for her chosen charity

Transition to Motion Text (with voiceover of Janet):

Motion Text: At the Red Robin in Exeter PA

Janet voiceover: I submitted while I was dining at the Exeter location

Transition to Motion Text: Let’s meet our $1,000 winner Janet

Transition to Motion Text: Why do you enjoy your dining experience at Red Robin?

Janet: Because I, I love the burgers and especially the sweet potato fries. My grandchildren like the kid’s menu, especially the meatballs on the little cracker sticks…ummm, and, uh, also because the people who serve are so nice and friendly and never had a bad meal there.

Transition to Motion Text: What is your favorite Red Robin menu item?

Janet: Oh, I am very partial to the Bleu Ribbon Burger and I always substitute sweet potato fries.

Transition to Motion Text: Any plans for your $1,000 winnings?

Janet: I’ve been thinking about plans and being as my husband and I typically don’t take vacations of…you know, other than CE credits that we need, I think it would be a good idea to maybe rent a house on the Jersey shore and have a plan where my grandkids can come visit us while we’re at the beach.

Transition to Motion Text: What would you like to tell your friends & family about this experience?

Janet: Winning something has been unique and a new experience for me…ummm and winning in a nice place like Red Robin is, is just great…ummm a-and totally unexpected (laughs)

Transition to Motion Text: Register Today!

Transition to Motion Text: Find out how at RedRobinPA.com

Transition to Motion Text: You could be next!

End Title Image: Red Robin Cares