Mike Axiotis

Mike Axiotis portrait

Overview and Strengths

Mike Axiotis is a capable, energetic, knowledgeable, forward thinking, and impactful executive. His deep wisdom and expertise forged from over 18 years of increasingly responsible management experience with the Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group, 5 prior years as the Owner Operator of his own start-up restaurant, and 7 earlier years with his family’s restaurant are invaluable assets. Whether it’s our extensive community outreach, sterling record of employee engagement & success and high level of guest satisfaction and loyalty, Mike’s special influence touches all the greatest aspects and values of our organization.


Through  his  tireless  hard  work,  love  of  the  hospitality  business  and  people,  and  his commitment to excellence, Mike’s ascension was well earned. In 1998, in the early stages of our group, consisting of 3 Red Robins, we hired Mike as an Assistant Manager. In 2000, he earned his first promotion to GM. From 2000-2004, he became the go-to turnaround GM for underperforming operations. By improving staffing and employee morale and implementing effective operational systems, Mike consistently increased sales, profitability, and guest satisfaction. In 2004, he became Executive GM, overseeing 2 restaurants and in 2005, earned the promotion to Regional Operations Director in charge of 4 restaurants.  In 2005, Mike led the start-up hiring, training, operations and  marketing of  his 5th   restaurant, and  in  2006,


  • Restaurant Operations
  • Mentoring for Success
  • Charity Involvement
  • Employee Development
  • Community Outreach
  • Restaurant Start-ups
  • Marketing
  • Key Initiatives
  • Catering

Philosophy and Values

Mike values people first.  He  is  highly  invested in  the  engagement, proactive growth, job satisfaction, and ultimate happiness of individuals and teams. He considers helping two of his GM’s to win the “President’s Club” among his greatest professional accomplishments.

Mike  espouses  that  the  best  guide  to  management  decisions entails  first  factoring  team members, then guests, then shareholders.

“The difference between service and hospitality: Service is what people expect.   Hospitality entails doing special things they don’t expect. We are in the hospitality business.”

“Life and Energy are two of the greatest assets of our restaurants.”

President Scope

  • Manages 2 Regional Operations  Directors and 4 Executive GM’s.
  • Leads 2000 Team Members.
  • Sets Annual Budget with CFO.
  • Sets Marketing Vision.
  • Manages Brand Initiatives.
  • Leads Regional Ops Meetings.
  • Leads Town Halls for all Managers.
  • Leads Quarterly GM Meetings.
  • Co-leads Annual Shareholder and Quarterly Board Meetings.
  • Red Robin Int’l – LVRG Operations Interface.
  • Voted to RRI Operations Committee.

Community Business and Charity Involvement

  • PA Restaurant & Lodging Assoc. State Board Member and Local Board Member and Treasurer.
  • Discover Lehigh Valley Board Member, Marketing Committee
  • Developed Local Restaurant Marketer Program.
  • Helped LVRG raise $.5 million for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: from 2010 thru 2016.
  • Light the Night Exec Committee Corporate Walk Chair
  • 15 years with Muscular Dystrophy Assoc. Helped raise over $350K since 2010. Sponsors Ride for Life Program and Black & Blue Ball. Brings volunteers to summer camp.