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Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Lehigh Valley (As Recommended by a Nine-Year-Old)

January 7th, 2015
January 6th, 2015 posted by Ryan Hogan
Discover Lehigh Valley - Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Lehigh Valley (As Recommended by a Nine-Year-Old)

“Mom, Dad, I’m hungry.” This phrase is common place in our household, especially with a

Child Drinking Milkshake

Good to the last drop (photo from Discover Lehigh Valley)

son that seems to always have his head in the refrigerator. If your house is like ours, we are often in need of a cooking break (more my wife than me) so the next question is, where should we go?” Our son, Noah, is as picky as they come when it comes to eating out.

So, I interviewed one hungry nine-year-old and here are his recommendations. I had to take some liberties and make some modifications, but all-in-all, this is his list. I hope it helps those in need with finding some new, and perhaps some old, eating establishments that are definitely kid-friendly.

Alburtis Tavern – This relatively new establishment is owned and operated by the Horn’s who have operated the Buckeye Tavern (another gem) for years. The décor pays homage to yesteryear and sure is a place for those that love trains. Speaking of trains, when a train chugs by be prepared to win a prize as the big wheel is spun. Why fight the noise of the trains? Celebrate it.

Cheeburger Cheeburger – If you’re looking to grab a good burger with the kids and satisfy their sweet tooth all at a moderate price this is your place. Located right near the Crayola Experience™, it makes for a perfect stop before or after your visit to world’s leading crayon manufacturer.

Revolutions at Saucon Valley – Bowling, food, and perhaps a few drinks (for mom and dad, of course). Revolutions has you covered. This place will keep the kids occupied while they try their luck at bowling or any one of a variety of interactive games that are sure to challenge their senses. Points are awarded on a “player’s card” that the little ones can then redeem for selected prizes.

Note: If you are looking for a similar venue on the western side of Lehigh Valley check out Rascal’s Food & Fun.

Red Robin – At any one of Lehigh Valley’s four locations you are guaranteed to have a genuine good time with the family. The menu offers plenty of variety for anyone in your group (including the picky ones), plus with their movie madness deal you won’t break the bank if you feel like seeing a flick as well. Kids eat free on certain nights; check their site for more information.

Blondie’s – What’s better than cupcakes and hot dogs? Nothing! If you’re looking for a no frill meal with plenty of variety Blondie is the place to be. They offer what seems like 100 hot dog variations and plenty of killer cupcakes to finish off a great little meal.

So as we enter 2015, I hope these places recommended by my son might help you out when your little ones yell “Mom, Dad, I’m hungry.”

For more family friendly locations visit this pretty cool site called DiscoverLehighValley.com. Well I’m hungry now. I think a hot dog is on today’s menu.