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Kids Get to “Shop with a Cop”

December 12th, 2011
Author: John Craven, Reporter, John.Craven@wfmz.com
Published On: Sat Dec 10 16:05:59 CST 2011 / Updated On: Sat Dec 10 17:22:10 CST 2011



Police made a visit to several kids’ homes Saturday morning — and the kids loved every minute of it!  It was the sixth annual “Shop with a Cop” event, where children get to shop for Christmas presents with an officer from the Colonial Regional Police.  Donations made all the gift purchases possible.

He’s making a list and checking it twice, but “he” is not Santa.  This is nine year-old Zach from Bath, Northampton County.

“I asked half of my family what they wanted, and they said it, so I put it on a list,” he said.

Zach is one a handful of lucky kids who got to “Shop with a Cop” Saturday morning.

“The officers pick the children up in the police cars,” said Chief Roy Seiple.  “We put the lights on and the sirens on.”

Then the kids shop — for themselves and for their families.

“Each child got, I believe, 450 dollars,” said Sgt. Mike Enstrom.

The money was donated by police, local businesses, and everyday citizens.

The kids each got 450 dollars; fifty bucks goes toward a toy for the Marines’ Toys for Tots program, which gives to those in need.  Many of these kids come from similar backgrounds.

“This is probably something that these people would not be able to do had it not been for these donations,” said Seiple.

Enstrom added: “It was a lot of fun, watching the kids with the smile of their face.”

Walmart donated the free wrapping and some shopping helpers; Red Robin provided the free lunch.  This whole day provided a different view of the police than  these kids may be used to.

Group photo of Red Robin Mascot Red and Colonial Regional Police Department at Shop With Cops Event

2011 Shop With Cops Event with Red Robin and the Colonial Regional Police Department

“Nine times out of ten, when you come in contact with us, it’s because something

bad happened,” said Seiple.  “Today is something good.”

And for a good day, seven year-old Lucas has a simple reply.

“Thank you!”

Red Robin Mascot Red with Children at Shop With Cops Event, Exchanging Gifts

The kids are excited to open presents from Red Robin that were given to each child