Living our BURGER Values – Video Transcript

Title: Living Our Burger Values

Title Image: Living Our Values Red Robin

Patricia Meyers, Director of Marketing: Here at Red Robin, we live our values every day. And just like our delicious food, it’s all about…the burger

[Transition to Better for Being Here BURGER Values Image] [Transition to image of the first letter in BURGER: B for Bottomless Fun]

Skyler, Red Robin Manager: Bottomless fun to me is coming to work every single day and knowing that I’m gonna have a great time with all of my team members…

Mike Wermuth, Executive General Manager: In the famous words of Mark Twain, if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.

[Transition to image of the second letter in BURGER: U for Unwavering Integrity]

Damon Kimble, Regional Vice President of Operations: Unwavering integrity; that’s doing what’s right when nobody’s looking. That’s a core fundamental that we want all of our team members to embody every day, working for Red Robin.

[Transition to image of the third letter in BURGER: R for Relentless focus on improvement]

Melissa, Red Robin Team Member & In Store Training Coordinator: Relentless focus on improvement means that we strive for improvement on whether it’s technology or cross-training our new team members and making sure that they get the utmost out of Red Robin.

Michael, Red Robin Team Member: Pretty much every day I learn something new about the job itself.

[Transition to image of the fourth letter in BURGER: G for Genuine spirit of service]

Laura, Red Robin General Manager: It’s not just about service, it’s about hospitality.

Melissa: We are at our best when we’re serving others.

[Transition to image of the fifth letter in BURGER: E for Extraordinary people]

Mike: E is for extraordinary people. We have close to 2,000 of ‘em.

Laura: We go above-and-beyond to make our guests and our team members happy.

Melissa: We’re a family here.

Skyler: We truly have extraordinary people in this company.

Group of Red Robin Team Members (from left to right: Evie, Elivia (Liv), Tori, Bryce & Sabrina): It’s like a home away from home.

[Transition to image of the sixth and final letter in BURGER: R for Recognized burger authority]

Laura: Recognized burger authority; we don’t want to be just the best, we want to be YOUR favorite.

Mike & Damon: Red Robin….Yummm!®

Group of Red Robin Team Members (Top left to right: Shannan and Michael; Bottom left to right: Melissa and Skyler): YUMMM!®

1st Group of Red Robin Team Members: YUMMM!®

Title Image: Living Our Values Red Robin