LVRG 2017 Year In Review Video – Transcript

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Patricia Meyers, LVRG Director of Marketing: 2017 was another exciting year for the Lehigh Valley team…so it only makes sense for us to bring in a few of our Lehigh Valley Team Members to talk about some of our rather surprising numbers.

Natalie Loney, LVRG Human Resources Business Partner:  Together, our team this will serve almost 5 million Guests. Those Guests will enjoy over 2.7 million delicious burgers….talk about a whole lot of Yummm!

Amber Marquez, LVRG Executive Assistant: And to go with those burgers…almost 5 and a half MILLION orders of bottomless fries.

Patricia: As impressive as that is, some of our very best numbers come from outside these four walls of our restaurants…as we help our local communities.

Amber: This year alone, our team raised over $52,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Natalie: With our Guests, we’ve sold enough shamrocks to send 215 kids to Summer Camp.

Patricia: Supporting cancer patients and their families is another big priority here.  This year, our Lehigh Valley team raised over $123,000 to help make a difference.

Amber: And who doesn’t love sports?  This year we’ll donate back $20,000 to local youth soccer clubs. We sponsor the entire Steelhawks junior football league…all 11 teams.

Patricia: Our bicycle racing league has helped 2,638 kids “put the pedal down.”

Natalie: And we LOVE baseball…639 innings as proud sponsors of our local Double-A and Triple-A teams.

Amber: Yeah, it’s been a great year…and we look forward to making next year even more memorable.

[Patricia walks in frame from the side]

Patricia: So come on in, and see what all 1,832 proud Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group Team Members…can do for you

Title Image: Living Our Values Red Robin