LVRG “I Am” Personalities – Video Transcript

Title: LVRG Personalities_I Am

Title Image: Meet the Team Red Robin

Michelle Consenza, Executive General Manager: I am positive.

Nick Miller, Assistant Kitchen Manager: I am Nick and I am the

Dani Hornberger, Manager: I am delightfully cheesy.

Heather, Team Member: I am the red-headed pistol.

Bailey, Team Member: I am innovative.

Matt, Bartender Team Member: I’m a high school water polo coach.

Chris, Team Member: I am a meme master.

Mia, Team Member: I am an artist.

Adam, Team Member: I am a musician.

Jeremy Hess, General Manager: I am a huge fan of disco music.

Mia: I am cheerful.

Meaghan Harlan, Manager: I am hungry.

Matt: I’m a jump single mozzarella stick…no marinara.

Mia: I am sweet pepper thai sauce.

Ryan: I am a chocolate milkshake.

Meaghan: I am a old school chicken caprese with lots of pickles.

Beth Walker, General Manager: I am the definition of a hundred miles per hour.

Jeremy: I am nothing without my coffee in the morning.

TJ Arrowood, Executive General Manager: I am a leader.

Matt: I’m forgiving…today.

Skyler Shepp, Manager: I am a one woman show on very long car rides.

Beth: Two-time rice crispy treat champion.

Alyssa, Bartender Team Member: I am the helper to my mom’s crazy crafts.

Michelle: I am an Ensenada Chicken Platter.

Skyler: I am the Royal Burger and here is my crown.

Nick: I am YOUR Mad Love Burger.

Alyssa: I am the Screaming Red Zombie.

Heather: I am the person that will carry a step stool everywhere she goes.

Bailey: I am a mechanic.

Meaghan: A backyard, hoola-hooping flower child.

Heather: I am your Mad Love with sweet potato fries.

Adam: BBQ Burger with pickles.

TJ: A Sautéed Shroom Turkey Burger with no top bun and broccoli.

Jeremy: I’m a Black & Blue Burger, extra pink.

Dani: I am also a double Patron margarita on the rocks…but with mango.

Title Image: Living Our Values Red Robin