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Cold Brews

October 15th, 2018

Ask your server for our rotating list of seasonal and craft brew selections.

Miller Lite®  12oz-32oz  cal 100-260
Coors Light®  16oz-32oz  cal 140-270
Truly Hard Seltzer® 12oz can  cal 100
Red Robin 1969 Lager™ 16oz-32oz  cal 180-360
Blue Moon® Belgian White 16oz-32oz cal 220-450
Samuel Adams® Boston Lager®  16oz-32oz  cal 230-460
Angry Orchard® Hard Cider  16oz-32oz  cal 260-520
Michelob Ultra®  12oz-32oz  cal 100-250
Corona® Extra  12oz  cal 150
Guinness®  12oz-32oz  cal 120-330
Yuengling®  12oz  cal 140