Pete makes his last stop of the burger tour – Transcript

Title: Pete Makes his last stop of the burger tour

Pete Andrelczyk, Show Host: Welcome to Pete Eats Lancaster, sponsored by Gochnauer’s Home Appliances. We are sadly on the last stop of our burger tour, and I’ve had some really good burgers along the way. So let’s go see what makes this one so special.

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Pete: We’re out here at Red Robin on Lincoln Highway, I’m with Cassidy. Cassidy, nice to meet you.

Cassidy Bailey, General Manager: Nice to meet you.

Pete: First of all Congratulations. You are one of the top 4 burger places in all of Lancaster County.

Cassidy: Thank you, it’s great.

Pete: It’s an honor because there’s so many things in Lancaster County, so many burger places to choose from, so many little niche restaurants, and people have their favorites, and to be voted one of those, the top 4, it’s gotta feel good. And I’m looking at the reason why, and I can see the atmosphere, and I understand why people like this, so can you tell me a little bit about Red Robin in general and then tell me about the burgers, about why people come here for the burgers.

Cassidy: Well, sure. Um, Red Robin started in 1969 in Seattle, Washington. Um, a guy in a barbershop quartet kinda started with singing songs–

Pete: That’s an odd story.

Cassidy: Yeah! Yeah, and a song about a red robin, and just kinda opened it up and turned his tavern into Red Robin.

Pete: Okay.

Cassidy: And then, uh, we really specialize in burgers, especially this one here. If you take a look at it, that’s the Red Robin Royal Burger–

Pete: Okay.

Cassidy: It’s got the fried egg on it, bacon, lettuce, tomato–

Pete: Oh, man.

Cassidy and Pete together: You got breakfast on a bun! [both laughing]

Cassidy: Perfect.

Pete: [laughing] Alright!

Cassidy: And then over here you can see the progression of the burgers, it moved all the way to our finest line, this is our Southern Charm burger.

Pete: Okay.

Cassidy: Candied bacon, honey-glaze, cheddar cheese, honey barbecue, and caramelized onions.

Pete: Oh my God.

Cassidy: And of course you always have the bottomless fries, all you can eat.

Pete: [drawn out] Yep. Yes indeed, I’m– It’s– The burgers are phenomenal, I know you guys have a larger menu as well, but I’m not gonna get into that right now, because I’ve got two beautiful burgers in front of me and I got choices to make, and I’m here for the burger, so I’m gonna go with the Southern Charm – right?

Cassidy: Perfect.

Pete: [excited] Whoo! Oo-wee! Top that bun off, get some of this candied bacon? [looks to Cassidy]

Cassidy: That’s right.

Pete: Oh my gosh. [bites into burger] Mmm. [nods head, licks fingers] That is a charmer. I can see why. That’s beautiful. And the bottomless fries. This–I could be here all day!

Cassidy: You’re welcome to!

Pete: That was awesome. Cassidy, thank you so much for having us out here. Again, congratulations on being one of the top 4 burger places in Lancaster County. And, you’re gonna see more of me, my face–

Cassidy: All right, perfect.

[Pete and Cassidy shake hands.]

Pete: Thank you.

Pete to camera: Thanks again to Cassidy and the friendly staff here at Red Robin, and keep your eye out for new categories going up in June on, new places for me to go try out. That was our last stop on the burger tour, I’m outta here [turns to leave, then, looking at motorcycle mounted on a platform, sarcastically] Thanks guys, how am I supposed to get this down now?

Title Image: Pete Eats Lancaster
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