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Rock’n Robin

April 4th, 2012

A battle of the bands turns up the excitement.

The Morning Call
2:43 p.m. EDT, April 3, 2012

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a “battle of the bands” consisted of a bunch of bands getting together at the same venue to play a couple of songs in an effort to win the hearts of every music lover in attendance.

In today’s world, we have a handy little device called “the Internet.” While “the Internet” allows us to create silly memes and watch YouTube videos of little kids biting each other or tripping on sedatives after a visit to the dentist, it has also brought forth much more productive uses.

For the Tilghman Square Red Robin, it means giving bands a new way to pit their musical talents against one another. The hamburger franchise is getting ready to jump headfirst into the online waters of Internet voting to find an opening act for the annual “End of Summer Bash” happening on August 24.

“This is the first year we are trying this out,” says Patricia Sobaru, senior manager of marketing for the Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group. “It’s exciting because we are putting it in the hands of the public to see what they want. As far as what kind of band we are looking for, it’s anybody’s game.”Shot from the crowd of a band onstage, waving to the audience

The voting will take place entirely online through Red Robin’s Facebook page for the Summer Bash event. Videos of the finalists will be posted for people to “Like” their favorite and the band that gets the most “Likes” will get a spot on the Summer Bash stage. Check out the three steps below to submit your band or cast a vote.

‘Like’ Red Robin Summer Bash at Tilghman Square on Facebook.

The official start of the contest will be announced on this page in mid-April. The announcement will include an email address for bands to submit their videos. If you want to get your band in the running or if you want to get in on the voting, this is the page to follow.

Everyone in the crowd raises their hands during the concert

Photo taken by John W. Wilcheck, Jr.

Watch and vote.

A Red Robin committee will pick the top bands to battle it out on the Summer Bash page on Facebook. To vote for a favorite, just “Like” the band’s video. The band with the most “Likes” wins, so sit back and watch to see who gets the most votes.

Mark your calendar

If the beginning of summer sounds far away, then the “End of Summer Bash” probably seems like eternity. The truth is, it will be here before you know it so pencil in Friday, August 24 to catch the winning band along with DJ Cap Cee and the headlining band UUU.