Women’s 5K Classic 2017 Video – Transcript

Title: LVRG_Womens_5K_Classic

Title Image: Living Our Values Red Robin

Patricia Meyers, LVRG Director of Marketing [voiceover]: Some races are for kicks…some races are for glory…this one…this one is for life!  This is the 2017 Women’s 5K Classic to raise awareness for women’s health, cancer education and support cancer survivors and their families.  As you can see, there’s a whole lotta pink going on.  This year, nearly 4,000 women ran…walked…and made a difference. But there were about 6,000 people between the participants…staff who organized the event…and volunteers, which included a lot of great sponsors and very supportive husbands, brothers and sons.   But like any good race, you gotta replenish that spent energy. And that’s where the Red Robin team had everyone covered. It takes four different Red Robin restaurants to staff the hot soup tent. Our job was to cook and serve enough delicious, hot, baked potato soup to ensure every belly was full enough to rock the finish of the race. And it was all donated for free, of course. Since the event started, it’s raised almost $3,000,000 of support that stayed right here in the Lehigh Valley and touched the lives of over 13,000 women and their families. Our Red Robin team is at it’s very best when we’re serving others…. whether it’s delicious burgers and brews in our restaurants, hot soup in the warm-up tent, or raising money and awareness at community events like this. We’ve been involved in the Women’s 5K Classic for over 15 years, and you KNOW we’ll be back next year. See you there.

Image of Red Robin tablecloth and Women’s 5K Classic Logo